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Creating Dynamic Young Dreamers who envision, create, and manifest positive change in their lives, their communities, and their world.

About Dream Your World

Dreaming Is a Tool for Social Change

Dream Your World is a movement to create empowered young dreamers who will envision, create, and manifest positive change in their lives, their communities, and their world.
Dreaming is learning to look within in order to create change without. In the space of dreams we step beyond criticism and limitation to discover powerful aspects of the Self. Our work teaches how to bring those aspects into dynamic, waking life.
Young dreamers tap into their inner capabilities and creativity and become natural contributors to the world. Discovering one’s inner truth develops the capacity to see the truth in others, fostering trust, openness, and deep connection to the world.
Our steps for manifesting projects include experiencing perspectives on all sides of a challenge. Our programs become a catalyst for understanding difference, sourcing from diversity, connecting in distinctive, imaginative uniqueness.


Discover Dreaming Elementary through High School. Experiential dream workshops using movement, play, art, performance, and intuition exercises to work with dreams, discover their deeper meanings, and use them as a tool for inner orientation, development, and change.

Dream Groups Elementary through University. 60-minute dream classes working with students’ actual dreams. Using a specific methodology, students learn to remember dreams, look inside for their inner truths, recognize patterns, identify and respond to conflict, engage with their intuition, and creatively problem solve.

DYW Quest Junior High through University. Multi-week curricula that teach participants how to use their dreams to identify a need in the world and address it. Training includes learning concrete skills for looking inside, working with what they see in their inner intuitive looking, and responding to the necessities they recognize. Using dreams and the creative imagination participants engage in in- depth explorations of perspectives surrounding the necessity, find a creative response, and then manifest that response in tangible, realized projects.


Dream Your World online international conference
31 presenters
18 countries
dreams, social change, and tools for manifesting ideas into action.

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Our Team

Bonnie Buckner

Bonnie teaches dreaming and imagery techniques to individuals and organizations for inner, individual development; to stimulate creativity, surmount blocks, and manifest projects; and, to find creative solutions to social and global challenges. She works with social entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, change-makers, individuals from all walks of life, and social change focused organizations interested in transformation. Her book, Dream Your Self into Being, teaches some of the basics of this work.

Dana Micklethwait

A transformative trip to communist Russia at age 15 sparked Dana's interest in culture and travel and gifted her with the liberating realization that so much of how we live is dictated by unquestioned cultural norms, that our way is just one way of many.  Exploring other ways has led to Dana living in a cooperative, working with migrant farm workers, teaching English to Tibetan refugees and traveling through Central America, India, Tibet and Nepal.  Her favorite "job" is mothering her amazing daughter whose questions and observations about gender inequality inspired Dana's participation in this project.  Dana resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter where they enjoy neighborhood walks, weekend trips to the farmers' market and various DIY endeavors.

Anna Nowicka

Anna Nowicka is a dance maker and a Saphire® practitioner, weaving her artistic research out of imagery work, dreaming principles and attentive embodiment. Her kaleidoscopic approach is an integration of choreographic & studio practices with personal development classes. The research is mainly possible through a continuous support from the Art Stations Foundation. Her latest work “Eye Sea” will be premiered in HAU3 in Berlin. www.annanowicka.com

Renée Palkovsky

In her early 20s, Renée Palkovsky, came to a point where she knew she needed help but was not keen on the western routes offered. She innately knew it was time to stop seeking for her answers from external sources, and that she needed to go within to get the guidance she was looking for in order to heal. A dreamer since 2015, Renée has used imagery and dreaming to transform her life and continues to use these practices to mediate the ebb and flows that come with each of our lives. A lover of the ocean, Renée feels most at home on the seashore. Her admiration for these deep waters has led her to found a beach clean organization, Conscious Contributor, which showcases the conditions of the world’s shorelines while simultaneously cleaning the beach. Renée’s dream is not only to restore the ocean’s current condition, but to foster humans in their healing and transforming.

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